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Gray Area Drinking?

The space between the extremes of rock bottom and every-now-and-again drinking: this is the gray area which can negatively impact lives. 

Watch Jolene Park’s TEDx talk to learn more about Gray Area Drinking and discover what the brain is really craving instead of alcohol.

Could Yoube a Gray Area Drinker?

“It is a breath of fresh air to hear that you simply want to be healthy. NOT that you are a desperate drunk. Not all people seem to be able to rely on catastrophe to change behavior.
Mindful decisions. I love that.

– Melissa Cryder –


Coach with Jolene

Coach privately with Jolene for 30 or 60 days. You’ll receive a personalized action plan for your craving brain, customized resources to support your individual goals, daily email accountability check-ins and weekly follow up calls. Limited availability.


Online Course

The Sober Choice™
30 Days of support to get off the Gray Area Drinking merry-go-round and start your alcohol free lifestyle.

Meet Jolene 

Jolene Park is a functional nutritionist, health coach, TEDx speaker, Former Gray Area Drinker and creator of this Gray Area Drinking Recovery Hub.

Almost 5 years ago, she left gray area drinking behind and it has been her mission to guide and support others as they do the same. Founding Healthy Discoveries® in 2001, she has coached 100+ high achieving professionals through their own  recovery process.

In her TEDx talk about Gray Area Drinking she shares her personal alcohol and anxiety story and explains the importance of replenishing our neurotransmitters and nourishing our nervous systems in a comprehensive and consistent way.

After realizing the impact of her TEDx talk she now certifies other coaches and health practitioners in her unique method, and runs the Nourish Your Cravings online community for former gray area drinkers to thrive.


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to make the Sober Choice?

Get 30 days of online support from Jolene Park to get off the Gray Area Drinking merry-go-round for good. The Sober Choice™ walks you through your first 30 days of creating your new alcohol-free lifestyle, addressing all your concerns and questions. You’ll learn what happens physically and mentally when you quit drinking and you’ll get practical action steps to help your mind and body repair and replace cravings for good.

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You can also seek support from a CERTIFIED GRAY AREA DRINKER RECOVERY COACH trained by Jolene Park. Click below to explore our network of coaches.

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