Aidan looks back on her drinking days and talks about the surprisingly positive mental, emotional, existential aspects of her hangovers. Jolene shares the negative physical effects of her hangovers and how they ultimately motivated her to stop drinking. Jolene talks about the histamine, blood sugar response and explains how, during a hangover, our bodies are simply trying to regulate and bring things back into physical balance, and how we then beat ourselves up emotionally. Also, brain chemicals GABA (helps us feel less anxious) and serotonin (helps us feel less depressed) get depleted from too much alcohol. Aidan talks about how, while hungover, she felt a lot of emotional shame, regret, guilt, sadness and knew spending time hungover meant she was losing time from her precious life. Both Jolene and Aidan talk about a couple ‘hangover supplements’ they used to take. Aidan reveals how she would open up to her husband and feel so vulnerable in the morning after drinking. This was a time when she would be more emotional and cry – which is something that doesn’t come easily to her. The hangover enabled Aidan to access emotions and feelings that she wouldn’t normally allow herself to feel. Both Aidan and Jolene confess that they hid their hangovers at times and Jolene mentions Bessel van dark Koll’s book, The Body Keeps The Score as a helpful resource for understanding stress and trauma and some underlying reasons for why we might drink too much. Jolene gives a coaching tip for boosting gut health with fermented foods and Aidan recommends the book, Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugarby Cheryl Strayed. They end this podcast by talking about striving for a quiet acceptance with whatever it is you’re dealing with at this time in your life.



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