The evening hours are often a hard time to stick to the resolve of not drinking alcohol. Especially after a full, stressful day, you might say, “Why am I being so hard on myself? I can have a treat, I can have one drink.” You might be coming down from a hard day or you start to question why you’re being so strict or rigid with not drinking. Aidan has learned that these moments do pass and the feelings do change. Two of Jolene’s favorite phrases are “feeling aren’t facts” and “this too shall pass”. Aidan likes to imagine the next day and play the tape forward, picturing how she would feel if she drank. Jolene explains some to the neuroscience behind using visualization and imagery to overcome an f-it moment. Aidan shares a letter from a listener who needed a pep talk before going out for the night and Aidan’s suggestion was to focus on the bigger desire beyond drinking. Jolene shares how the dopamine rebalancing might make us feel like drinking when the brain is actually just healing. It takes time. There are casual f-it moments and then more dangerous f-it moments. Aidan likes to replace wine with something else such as: taking a walk, reading, eating or drinking something that’s not alcohol. Everyone needs to discover for themselves what feels safe and okay for a replacement. Jolene shares a coaching tip on how to add things like “ING activities” into your life and to focus on passions, pursuits and joy, instead of deprivation, which can all be great antidotes to f-it moments.


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