Jolene talks about the role GABA plays in anxiety and how she used lemon balm, passion flower, holy basil, inositol, and L-theanine in the early days of quitting drinking to help regulate her own anxiety. She talks about how yoga can boost GABA levels as well.

Aidan mentions the difference between anxiety and stress and Kelly McGonigal’s TED Talk on How To Make Stress Your Friend.

Through self-awareness and self-care practices like quality sleep and a good diet, Aidan finds these help buffer some of the stress she has been going through, along with reaching out, sharing and connecting with others even if it’s hard or messy.

Jolene discusses the benefits she received from somatic experiencing therapy and referenced Peter Levine’s work, books, and online videos. There is no right or wrong, good or bad way to set up self-care routines for anxiety. The important thing to think about is what feeds and nourishes you right now? It took Aidan and Jolene time to get to this place (not using alcohol to medicate their anxiety and feel a reduction in anxiety) but they are motivated to continue to create lives that they’re passionate about and grateful for as they make their own individual edits.


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