There will always be a holiday, a special event, anniversary, or celebration during the calendar year. It doesn’t matter if it’s December, April, July or any other month. Aidan talks about her recent holiday party that she hosted and Jolene talks about her first birthday without alcohol. When we shift our focus from the alcohol to the event, conversation, connection and activity it opens up a new realm of experience and possibility of truly being present in social situations.

Both Aidan and Jolene have found that instead of feeling ostracized or questioned about not drinking, what actually happens is people pull them aside at parties to tell them they are rethinking their own drinking and they are considering cutting back as well.

Social situations can sometimes feel uncomfortable, but that initial discomfort does pass. This episode ends with how Jolene and Aidan plan to stay connected and present during this holiday season. They share some fun drink options and a reminder that fun enjoyment can and does happen during special occasions without alcohol and everyone doesn’t always drink!



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