Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? What happens when, if you fall off course or routine? In this episode, Jolene and Aidan discuss The Four Tendencies (the upholder, the obliger, the questioner, and the rebel) by Gretchen Rubin.

They also discuss how personal values, intentions, and clarifying your ‘why’ plays a role in making decisions and choosing things like your word for the year. When we understand our patterns, approach, personality, and biochemistry we can make empowered edits within our own lives.

Is Dry January good or is it just a way to just beat ourselves up for indulgences through a ‘cleanse’? Could a 30-day cleanse be a way to make us feel like we always need “to fix ourselves.” Jolene believes a true cleanse needs to be medically supervised and we need to be careful that we’re not starting from a place of thinking we are deficient or defective. Both Aidan and Jolene agree that when we think of making a change as a way to improve and add/enhance something it tends to stick and last longer. They end this episode with how they plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve and what their core values, over-arching intentions are for 2018.



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