Jolene and Aidan discuss the troubling marketing of alcohol memes toward women and moms. The promotion of excess as a way to escape and cope is what’s being promoted. These memes send the message that drinking is the way to make life better. As many are quietly trying to feel okay and justify their own drinking it’s easy to thoughtlessly share these memes.

Aidan voices her concern for people who are currently struggling with alcohol and how this marketing shows up in their lives especially when it’s brought into the wellness world.

What is the message we’re sending? How can we question without coming across as angry? Wine has become a big part of the female culture and the feminist message of independence. Women are being sold the message that booze is a way to take the edge off but we’re really just diluting our power. Habitual alcohol consumption is stripping us of our strength — energetically and emotionally.

Tell Better Stories 2018 on Instagram is calling this out.

Jolene and Aidan also share ways we can all be more mindful and pay attention by refusing to share alcohol memes, comment diplomatically, and speak to business owners who sell or share these memes. It’s time to think critically and outside the box about alcohol marketing.


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