Is it possible to moderate? What do Aidan and Jolene think about moderation?

Aidan says she could moderate but felt miserable. It wasn’t pleasant to think about and plan for all the time. It takes the joy out of her day. However, moderation helped bring both Jolene and Aidan to their resolute decision to stop drinking for good.

Jolene found once she drank the first glass of wine the neurochemical activation had begun and it was very difficult to moderate and say no to more glasses of wine.

If you’re thinking about moderating you’ve probably passed the point of being able to moderate. Your energy might be better spent in simply stopping altogether. However, limiting and cutting back on alcohol is a great first step. Questioning why you want to be able to keep drinking is helpful too.

The question becomes not can you moderate, but do you want to moderate? It’s a choice. Ultimately for both Jolene and Aidan, dealing with the hard stuff in life is better than the merry-go-round of back and forth drinking. Quitting drinking doesn’t guarantee or protect us against things. There’s nothing wrong with moderating and it’s often a path to stopping. Willpower is exhaustible. Critical thinking your way through this question is helpful even if it doesn’t feel like it at the moment.


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