1. You are stronger than you think.

2. Your “I knew in my bones” resolve to get off the drinking merry-go-round will be just as strong on day 1,000 as it was on day 1.

3. You’ll have hard days and hard times. You’ll go through some of the hardest sh*t in your life AFTER you stop drinking. Know that, expect that! Giving up alcohol doesn’t mean you won’t struggle, get hurt, feel alone, be alone, feel intense fear, grief, rage. But you will know in your bones that getting back on the drinking merry-go-round is infinitely worse than any of your hardest alcohol-free days.

4. You’ll lose the knee-jerk habitual thought of thinking you want a drink. Really you will! But it won’t happen in 18 days, it’ll more likely happen for you around 18 months.

5. You’ll slowly let go of your grip and grasp on how you think life should be.

6. You’ll meet new people who will see you, support you, emotionally hold you, give to you and connect with you in the meaningful ways that you’ve always wanted. Plus, many of the relationships you already have will deepen.

7. You’ll feel energetically and emotionally solid, which is such a good feeling.

8. You’ll learn HOW to tolerate discomfort.

9. You’ll be glad you chose to be fully ‘awake’ and ‘sober’ during these chaotic, unpredictable times in our world history.

10. Your intuitive sense and ability to “read people quickly” will return. Alcohol stole your sixth sense and it will feel good to have it back again.

11. You’ll open up and acknowledge (first to yourself then publicly) how you used alcohol to numb and shut down your anxious mind.

12. You’ll be surprised/not surprised to hear from so many people who fall into the gray area of drinking, just like you.

13. You’ll be proud to be part of the growing movement and revolutionary healthcare choice to stop drinking because you chose to, not because you had to.


Resources For Gray Area Drinkers:

Support your Craving Brain through 1:1 coaching, or my 30-day Sober Choice program or my NOURISH membership for former gray area drinkers.



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