“Historically this topic has been discussed in black and white terms. Either you’re absolutely fine with alcohol or you have this horrific problem that requires some kind of intervention. But my experience and something a lot of women are experiencing is this vast gray middle where we’re worried about our drinking and struggling with bad patterns around our drinking but no one would necessarily pull us aside and say there’s an “issue” here.” Aidan Donnelley Rowley 

The gray area drinking conversation gives you permission to make a different choice, an empowered choice. A choice you never thought possible, let alone even considered. Choosing to stop drinking because you want to not because you have to is an empowering, liberating choice!

On the other side of this choice is a growing community! A community of people who are living life in full color. If this is the choice you’re ready to make, check out the gray area drinkers recovery coach hub, the coaches are there to support you and help you navigate your individual and unique alcohol-free journey.

For more on this topic watch Aidan Donnelly Rowley on the TODAY show below.

Listen to Episode 28, Reaching Out on the “Editing Our Drinking and Our Lives” Podcast with Aidan Donnelley Rowley and Jolene Park.


Resources For Gray Area Drinkers:

Support your Craving Brain through 1:1 coaching, or my 30-day Sober Choice program or my NOURISH membership for former gray area drinkers.

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