In 2016 I emailed Holly Whitaker and Laura McKowen and I said, I love your podcast. I discovered it in December 2015 when you interviewed Sarah Hepola, the author of Blackout.

I’m a functional nutritionist. I quit drinking in 2014 and I believe there are so many missing pieces that have been grossly overlooked in traditional recovery programs i.e. neurotransmitters (GABA, serotonin, dopamine) and blood sugar imbalance, nutrient deficiencies like B6 and zinc (pyroluria). Along with the underexposed and rarely talked about developmental and shock trauma, and abandonment, attachment issues which wreaks physiological havoc on the polyvagal nerve, psoas muscle, amygdala, or in layman’s terms: significantly disrupts the gut/brain connection.

Plus, we need a better roadmap of healing (for everyone) beyond just eating right and exercise. Of course, good food and movement are important but relaxation, fun, and leisure, healthy relationships, spiritual connection, emotional regulation, purpose, etc are also vital nutrients.

Holly replied and said, they’d love to have me on their podcast.

We recorded the 1.5-hour interview about all the things above and then…

I emailed Holly again and I said I feel like I left out a crucial piece. I sidestepped talking about WHY I finally decided to quit drinking.

Holly replied and said, “this is important. Let’s record an addendum. Our listeners need to hear this!”

Now, 3-years later, tens of thousands of people have listened to that podcast episode and I’m still moved when I get notes from women saying they relate to my story and how impactful that interview was for them. Click the link below to hear that interview – My Coming Out Story About My Gray Area Drinking.


Resources For Gray Area Drinkers:

Support your Craving Brain through 1:1 coaching, or my 30-day Sober Choice program or my NOURISH membership for former gray area drinkers.

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