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Pam McRae

As a Certified Master Coach and Gray Area Drinking Coach I am able to guide you to reclaim your life!

Over the last two years, after suffering some tragic loss, I now specialize in helping clients stay sober during their grieving process. This can be done, and although grief is painful, remaining sober during the phases of grief is so beneficial to your mental and physical health.

Once I realized how my life was on a spiral that was only going downhill, I knew something had to change. I stopped drinking and my life has taken on such an incredible domino effect of joy, gratitude and compassion and understanding for myself and others.

I turned that compassion and understanding into a very successful group and 1:1 coaching business, and being trained by Jolene was like the icing on the cake. No matter where you are with your drinking I can help you discover freedom with 1:1 coaching, and if you want a sense of community, my group coaching runs 6 nights a week.

Incorporating her training with scientific based knowledge, and my masters coaching certification, together we can reach your goals of freedom from alcohol!

My focus is also to help others who are suffering from grief/loss stay sober or get sober while grieving. After great personal grief, I realized how grateful I was to have support around me with others who understood what I was going through, as well as a sober mind to help me feel the feels and adjust to my new life.

I have been through many courses studying grief, and I have also lived it. Together we will begin to adjust to your new life, using tools and tactics to allow you to feel what you are experiencing, keeping you balanced and alcohol free.

I am really looking forward to connecting with you over a free discovery call.

Finding Freedom for Millennials
50+ age group
Recent Divorce/Loss/Grief


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