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Lisa Ryan

Find your joy again!

Born and bred in Brisbane, Australia. Happily married, had interesting jobs and good friends but for 30 years I was in this seemingly never-ending habit of self destruction with anxiety and depression thrown in the mix. This was no way to live. How had I let it get this bad, and down this rabbit hole?

September 2014, well and truly ready for change after multiple “rock bottoms”. I was done with Day 1’s. What happened then? I realised this was above my “pay grade.” I reached out for support and learned a whole new skill set to not just manage life but also to truly enjoy it – the way life is meant to be lived. Now more than six years alcohol free, I am in discovery, not recovery.

No matter who you are or where you’re from, I encourage you to reach out to me and discover this freedom, too! Let me show you a way out of the rabbit hole. It’s time for you now. It’s time to put yourself first so you can live as your healthiest, happiest and most joyful self.

You deserve it.

Typically, I work with anyone 40+ years who is ready for change but doesn’t know how to achieve it.

Based in Australia – but my clients are global

Taking only virtual clients
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