This program has impacted me personally and professionally a great deal, much more than I was expecting actually. It has helped me to pivot from the path I was on and headed toward burn out. I’ve been able to listen to what my body and soul were telling me and shift to a direction that feels truer to me. I am almost four years sober, I’ve done a lot of work with myself and others in this area and yet I still learned a huge amount through Jolene’s training. In particular I had little understanding about neurotransmitters and the impact of GABA/dopamine and how strong it was in addiction, along with the benefits of grounding. While I knew quite a bit about the somatic work and trauma, I wasn’t embodying it much. Mostly, it has helped me to listen to my innate knowing, slow down and value myself more.

I really liked the examples throughout of coaching calls, like which tech platforms and marketing systems to use, the extensive resources, and basically all the things you need to thrive in coaching. The thing I liked most was that Jolene walks the talk. She has strong boundaries but she’s still approachable and relatable, she leads by example, and of course she’s extremely knowledgeable across all the determinants of health that impact gaining and maintaining sobriety. I also liked a number of her techniques demonstrated in the coaching call examples: bringing it back to the immediate client goals, not getting too drawn into the story while remaining empathetic, and the power of the pause before responding. She embodies grounded inner strength and I love that.




Training for Coaches & Practitioners

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