The way Jolene structures the training is superb. I’ve done a lot of online courses and often find my motivation waning after a few weeks. With Jolene’s training, I was fully engaged, motivated and committed right to the end, I didn’t want the training to end! She’s come up with the perfect adult learning model, mixing live trainings, group discussions, partner work, case studies and so much more. I love the structure of this training so much I’m replicating it in my next group coaching program!

This training highlighted some important gaps in the way I take care of my own mind, body and spirit. It has shown me how nervous system regulation really is EVERYTHING. It’s given me powerful resources to experiment with and has taught me to deeply trust my body’s feedback. Listening to the way Jolene coaches real clients has been incredibly valuable and inspiring. The program has helped me to regulate myself better when coaching so I can slow down, be fully present, listen intently and hold space for my clients in a more grounded way. Thank You!! I loved loved loved the training and I feel so grateful to have been part of this group of super inspiring women.




Training for Coaches & Practitioners

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