I feel more integrated physically and emotionally on some key missing physiological pieces that I am now delighted to be using myself and passing onto clients. I enjoyed exploring and applying the many tools and resources we learned to my daily life (especially somatic practices) and this has led to me feeling calmer in general and more aligned to my purpose and values. I also feel a growing sense of excitement to share these learned and lived experiences with my clients. I now have practical techniques and tools for coaching grey area drinkers.

This training has bridged an important gap between my mindset coaching skills and coaching for reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption. I have a more comprehensive toolkit to effectively coach people in this space. This has added enormous value to my previous coaching training and in turn to my clients. The live practice sessions were extremely useful in putting the theory into action and the small group setting allowed for a supportive and nurturing learning experience.

Jolene is a generous and highly skilled course leader, coach, and trainer. Her genuine desire for you to grow and succeed shines through in every session. I am excited to continue my learning and growth with her in the future.




Training for Coaches & Practitioners

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