I’m a newly-minted Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and have wanted to work with women who have made the decision to quit drinking. As a result of this program, as I’m launching my coaching practice and proudly “hanging the shingle” as a gray area drinker recovery coach. As a result of this training, I’ve had a renewed focus on embodied self-awareness, especially emotional regulation, which is so important during these times. I’ve taken a deeper dive into aromatherapy for emotional support and I’m bringing it into my professional as well as personal practice.

My confidence in working with gray area drinkers in recovery is high as a result of this training. Jolene is an outstanding professional and role model. Her teaching style is accessible and her content is excellent and well-organized.

I especially appreciated how Jolene supported me as I explored my unique offering, using essential oils in recovery for emotional support and to address stumbling blocks such as sleep, anxiety and cravings.




Training for Coaches & Practitioners

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