Jolene is an extremely engaging speaker…she brings subject matter to life. Topics were accessible and well thought out.  It was also helpful to have the case studies and listen in on weekly progress (via the recordings with Jolene’s actual clients).

The program has introduced me to resources that have come to me just at the right time in my own personal development. Week 3 onwards has opened up new areas of learning that have accelerated my own awareness, understanding and healing. I have been able to try new methods, which have been highly effective in my own personal holistic plan.

It’s wonderful how things come together – the synchronicity and complimentary aspects – to enable huge leaps in feeling and doing better.  The universe has a funny way of laying it all out, just as you need it.  Being open and having the opportunity for embodied learning with this program was key.

I have tackled things I was no where near ready to access before this training and it has meant that both personally and professionally, I have made more progress than I could have imagined possible.

This training has brought another dimension of depth and breadth to my work, and will continue to do so.




Training for Coaches & Practitioners

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