I found the training to be of massive value, and it gave me tons of clarity around my “niche” in nutrition. This was the real world piece that is lacking in my nutrition certification.

This was the program that provided me with the missing piece and confidence that I needed to launch my business.

Jolene gave us invaluable real-world coaching techniques and processes, walking us through each step — from the initial 15 minute assessment call all the way through the coach / client relationship. As I’m just starting out, I always hear how important it is to “niche” in your business, but that can be intimidating because you want people to find you. This training gave me the confidence to offer the service that I feel most connected to, and passionate about. I like that Jolene’s teaching is grounded in real world client experience. We discussed everything from spirituality to relationships to nutritional supplements, and the information is correlated to something that is actually do-able with clear action steps, not just some abstract concepts.




Training for Coaches & Practitioners

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