Many of my current clients fall into the Gray Area Drinking category, so it felt like it was the next logical step in building my business. This program has impacted my life and coaching greatly!

I truly believe it has already taken my coaching to the next level. Learning all I did about the neuroscience and going back to the basics of food, sleep, hydration, etc has been a complete game changer in terms of how I am coaching and helping co-pilot for my clients. I LOVE resources and believe a solid toolbox is the difference between staying sober and a case of the “eff-its”, so being able to add to my resource toolbox has been invaluable as well.

I am planning on increasing how much I charge as well. I think I had a lot of fear around that initially, but after taking this training, I realize I am so worth the increase due to what I am offering my clients and the expertise and resources I bring to the table. I have also changed how I start with clients in terms of starting with physiology first and psychology second…it just makes PERFECT sense.

I really appreciated the live calls and being able to crowd source our ideas as well as bouncing things off of each other as we learned. I liked how in real time it was so you could just give feedback or ideas. I felt very seen and heard by Jolene and how in-depth she was with answering questions and giving feedback on her experiences as a coach and business owner. I was very impressed with the Gray Area Drinking coach training. Honestly, a week in I already felt as though I had gotten my moneys worth and I most definitely feel like it was money well spent to help me up-level both my coaching business and also how I go forward with marketing both myself and my brand.

I am so excited to share all I have learned with my clients and to increase their success in the alcohol-free realm. Thanks a million Jolene!




Training for Coaches & Practitioners

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