Going through Jolene’s NOURISH Program provided me with growth, both professionally and personally. I am a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach and am certified through another alcohol coaching program that focuses on the cognitive side of habit change. Jolene’s program is all about focusing on physiology and its connection to overcome a drinking habit. Her program concentrates on encompassing somatic practices to calm the nervous system and balancing neurotransmitters through nutrition and supplementation to finally make the new alcohol-free lifestyle stick for our clients. Jolene also educated us on the vagus nerve and how to recognize trauma in our clients, which was both very interesting and helpful since those affected by trauma are so widespread and are commonly connected to substance addictions.

While I have always had somatic practices included in my coaching services, Jolene’s NOURISH Program introduced me to many techniques that I was not familiar with. Also, adding the neurotransmitter piece into my coaching program is now a valuable part of my coach offering.

Jolene is always excited to share information with the cohort, has a wealth of knowledge in the Gray Area Drinker area, and keeps up with current research. Throughout the entire training, she was very involved and offered a lot of support to all of the trainees in the cohort. I always looked forward to the training sessions, feeling like each one was like unwrapping a gift on Christmas morning.




Training for Coaches & Practitioners

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