Even though I’m 3 years into my coaching business, there has always been the ‘missing piece’ coming up with clients. This program has impacted my coaching in a huge way, because I now have the knowledge and vast library of resources to support my clients in a much deeper way in helping them to leave Grey Area Drinking behind and make sobriety stick. Jolene has given me those missing pieces, and this has also had a big impact on my personal sobriety journey too, and I now have a deeper understanding of how to support my own nervous system, as well as my clients. Not only that, I’m feeling much stronger and more confident in my coaching abilities, and I have loved working alongside the other incredible women in this training.

I’m now completely confident in my visibility with my salespage and pricing, which I used to feel so unsure about. This program has infused even more value into my offerings, and with that knowledge I’m confidently showing up more, and able to help with specific resources to help a client’s specific problem. I love the way this program works so we can implement resources straight away with clients, to get immediate support where needed. Overall I’m clearer in my offerings, more confident in my pricing, marketing and coaching. It’s changed everything and I’m looking forward to the ripple effects this will have with my clients and their lives too.

Jolene is very calm, clear and reassuring. I feel so supported by her and held in the space she provides. I feel like she understands both the Grey Area Drinking journey, and building a business in sobriety. I feel like she gives me permission to step fully into being the most powerful version of me – which feels scary, but I feel Jolene’s radiating energy cheerleading me on!




Training for Coaches & Practitioners

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