I loved this training and would recommend to anyone looking to grow both personally and professionally.

The assignments given were manageable and directly related to my business needs. I like Jolene’s approach and demeanor. Jolene is a pioneer and a well-respected authority in the alcohol free community. She is approachable and her delivery is welcoming and relatable. I really loved the cohort. The class size and length of the sessions were both perfect. I was able to connect with my classmates on a bit of a personal level. I learned somatic techniques and supplement solutions for nervous system regulation that I practiced in real time and produced immediate results for me personally. Sharing this knowledge with my clients allowed them to “try on” techniques to see what works for them. Through this process, we were able to co-create and customize personal action plans and solutions, which in turn, produced positive outcomes in supporting their alcohol free lifestyle.




Training for Coaches & Practitioners

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