I didn’t have any hesitations about signing up for this training. I already had a coaching certification and heard of Jolene in those circles. I was interested in loading my toolbox with an assortment of tools. I believed this type of training would be perfect because it was so different and I was right.

Through this training I have finally landed on a place where I’m understanding the language my body uses to speak to me. This is the healthiest I’ve treated myself in my life. All because I learned so much about minerals, supplements and what the earth has to offer to support me. I’ve got clients that are, like myself, incredibly aware of the value to ‘notice what they notice’. One big piece that’s changed since this training is how I set up accountability with my clients — 100% of it is on them. Before I was introduced to Jolene, I was checking in on client’s about 80% of the time. Jolene has a gift of explaining the nervous system, what it needs and how to support it. She teaches how this is completely possible to accomplish. I’m now helping women work with their mind, body and soul to live their best lives. The need for numbing out or for outside coping mechanisms is off the table. Jolene is awesome at getting me to keep digging. I was unsure of how the group case study discussion would work because I’d never seen it much less been a part of it in my other coach training. But she prepares you to coach, to read between the lines and to listen. She taught me how to coach better tham I was coaching before this training.

I’m completely satisfied with this coach training. I’ll sing Jolene praises from the rafters as long as I have breath. This training has changed my life, and my passion to help others, for the better.





Training for Coaches & Practitioners

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