I had zero hesitations about signing up with Jolene – I did quite a bit of research into what Jolene offers and for me it was the missing piece. It’s the difference that would make the difference for my clients (and of course myself, always being a work in progress!)

This training is one of those programs that you wish could be taught in schools! What could be more important than understanding how our nervous system works. On a personal level the resources Jolene shares I now use on a regular basis. Jolene encourages us to try out all the resources – its an integral part of the program. When we recommend resources to our clients it’s from a place that is evidence based and from my own personal embodied experience. Because of this training I’ve done a total re-write of what I offer. Jolene is hugely knowledgeable and experienced in the field of Gray Area Drinking. She is also very very generous and shares all that she knows – no holding back! She is an excellent teacher – understanding how we learn so we can make the most of her time, knowledge and resources.





Training for Coaches & Practitioners

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