The Gray Area Drinking Coach Training has completely changed the way I look at why we drink. The implications of the nervous system and our relationship with alcohol has helped me to understand what I was seeking from alcohol.

I’ve also been able to create a resource bank for my clients to test out during their journey into sobriety. I am learning to focus on the signs of when my nervous system is not in alignment. I will definitely be integrating what I’ve learned about the polyvagal theory, gut microbiome, and nervous system tools. The discussions also really helped to solidify my perspective on who I want to coach and who I would best suited to partner with, utilizing my unique experiences and passions. I love that everything was grounded in science. We explore the intersections of who we are, how we have navigated the world and how that impacts our relationship with alcohol. It is an absolutely fascinating program, I highly recommend it!

Jolene is very relatable to me. I feel like our alcohol journeys were similar, which connected me to her. As I often feel like people think that because I quit in one day that it wasn’t hard. So, I appreciate know that she holds that space as well. And, I could feel her compassion and desired success for all of us. The program is laid out so well. It was organized and thorough. I really want to go back and do it all over again in the audit or recordings just to make sure I didn’t miss anything! I wish it was longer. 😉





Training for Coaches & Practitioners

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