Gray Area Drinking?

We’re all familiar with the rock-bottom kind of drinking that ruins too many lives. On the other end of the specturm, there are those who rarely drink.

If you fall between those two extremes, you might identify as a 

Gray Area Drinker.

Maybe you…

  •  Don’t experience outward consequences from drinking, but struggle internally.
  • Have silent conversations with yourself about your own drinking.
  • Intend to have one glass of wine, but find it all too easy to finish the whole bottle.
  • Stop drinking, for weeks or even months, then restart again, because, “why be so restrictive?”
  • Realize the way you’re drinking isn’t helping you have the life you want.


if you want to make a change?

First, you’ll have to take a look at the impact drinking has on your life and if it’s time to think about leaving it behind.

Then what?

How will you create new habits, connections and routines as a non-drinker in an alocohol-centric world?

Jolene Park’s unique approach is designed

to do just that.

Her  N O U R I S H  system is about satisfying your cravings by:

N – noticing nature

O – observing your breath

U – Uniting with others

R – Replenishing with food

I – Initiating movement

S – Sitting in stillness

H – Harnessing creativity

Ready to learn more?


Customized support for your alcohol-free journey. Get practical resources to navigate the stumbling blocks when giving up alcohol. Also, learn how to replace old patterns and cravings to nourish your brain when you quit drinking.


You can find a Gray Area Drinker Recovery Coach certified by Jolene Park herself. Search our directory & find the right match for you to help you quit or support your new lifestyle post quitting. 


Train and certify through Jolene Park’s comprehensive method and exclusive techniques to Nourish the biochemistry, emotional stress response and energetic carnage that happens to gray area drinkers.

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