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Praise for the Gray Area Drinking Coach Training Program From Some Alumni Coaches

Before I ever finished the training I was signing up new clients and I have already made my money back and started making a profit working as a grey area drinking coach and I only finished the cohort two weeks ago! I am now confident and very sure that I have an offering for my clients that really works.

SARAH RUSBATCH | Health + Wellness Coach, Australia

My coaching services are now more specifically targeted to the area of gray area drinking whilst incorporating other newly acquired skills of NLP and conscious hypnosis.

CINDY JOHNSON | Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner, Australia

We saw first hand how trying out different modalities and asking ourselves “what we noticed?” was so helpful in building effective skills and resources for ourselves and our clients.

LESLIE SCHLINK | Coach, Australia

I have tackled things I was no where near ready to access before this training and it has meant that both personally and professionally, I have made more progress than I could have imagined possible.

ELLIE CROWE | This Naked Mind Coach, United Kingdom

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