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Find out what other coaches have to say about Jolene’s Gray Area Drinking Coach Training Program

As a business coach of many years, I feel much more confident to work with clients and their sobriety and wellbeing goals. The programme has helped me to fill in some gaps in my client offering bringing far more alignment and flow with both the cognitive and somatic elements. The added value of the resources Jolene shares is second to none and I know these will bring enormous benefit to my clients.

GILL MCKAY | Coach, London, UK

The thing I like most about this training was the somatic practices, spirituality, and transparency around money and what to charge.

ANNE MARIE CRIBBIN | Coach & Spiritual Director, Silver Spring, MD

I loved this training and would recommend to anyone looking to grow both personally and professionally.


Jolene has a way of presenting the material that makes it incredibly relevant in my own life and in the lives of my clients. She takes the science and shows us how it translates into a coaching practice.

SUSAN JOY | Certified Coach, Willoughby, OH

I have a much clearer sense of who my ideal client is, and perhaps even more importantly, who it is not. This was a game changer for me and it was only Week 1!

SHEILA WOLFF | Spiritual Life Coach and Certified Professional Recovery Coach, Madison, WI

I was concerned I was not ready and it would not leave me confident that I would be ready to coach, wow was I wrong!! I loved every second

SHAUN PALMER | Professional Wellness Coach, Perth, Western Australia

Jolene has a really open and generous style of sharing what she knows, and really encouraged us all to put what we were learning into practice.

TABBIN ALMOND | Coach, United Kingdom

Everything seemed so well-thought out and intentional. The topics every week were so interesting and relevant, discussions were enriching, and the resources were invaluable.

SHANNON FLANAKIN | Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate and Certified Nutritionist, Seattle, WA

I had no reservations signing up for this training! I knew I needed to learn about the physiology and the craving brain as I was deficient in knowledge in this area.

ISABELLA FERGUSON | Counselor & Coach, Sydney, NSW, Australia

I truly enjoyed how authentic Jolene was in our training. It was nice to have a training that included so many practical resources, not just all theory. I felt like I was given the practical tools to implement these coaching techniques.

MARIELLE SILK | Nurse Practitioner, Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist, Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

I loved how real Jolene is. She gets the whole process and I love the real life examples from her own practice she uses. I felt she was always pushing us to take what she was teaching us and making it our own. I like that.

KRYSTY KRYWKO | Coach, Chappaqua, NY

I had zero hesitations about signing up with Jolene – I did quite a bit of research into what Jolene offers and for me it was the missing piece. It’s the difference that would make the difference for my clients (and of course myself, always being a work in progress!)

CLAIRE GODWIN | Coach, Hampshire, UK

The only hesitation I had in signing up for this training was the financial piece because of the amount of money I’ve invested in my business thus far. I was worried about another expense. However, now that I’m finished, I realized this was one of the best investments I’ve made for myself and my clients.

DEVON DONKIN | Coach and Registered Nurse, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

I didn’t have any hesitations about signing up for this training. I already had a coaching certification and heard of Jolene in those circles. I was interested in loading my toolbox with an assortment of tools. I believed this type of training would be perfect because it was so different and I was right.

CHERYL YOUNG | TNM Coach, Atlanta, GA

The Gray Area Drinking Coach Training has completely changed the way I look at why we drink. The implications of the nervous system and our relationship with alcohol has helped me to understand what I was seeking from alcohol.

KAT PORCO | Social Worker, Diabetes Educator, Duke Integrative Wellness, Red Lodge, MT

I had no hesitations in signing up for this coach training it was worth every penny. I love the somatic effect that this program had on me.

GP | TNM COACH, Greece

I have gained some incredible resources that have helped me personally

RINA | TNM COACH, NSW, Australia

Even though I’m 3 years into my coaching business, there has always been the ‘missing piece’ coming up with clients. This program has impacted my coaching in a huge way, because I now have the knowledge and vast library of resources to support my clients in a much deeper way in helping them to leave Grey Area Drinking behind and make sobriety stick. Jolene has given me those missing pieces, and this has also had a big impact on my personal sobriety journey too, and I now have a deeper understanding of how to support my own nervous system, as well as my clients. Not only that, I’m feeling much stronger and more confident in my coaching abilities, and I have loved working alongside the other incredible women in this training.

CATH KNOWLDEN | Brighton, East Sussex, UK

Jolene is very honest and open about her own business practices. She shares it all because she truly wants her clients to succeed.

MAUREEN ANDERSON | Coach, Connecticut

This program was exactly what I needed to take my coaching to the next level. It has been and will continue to be a huge value add for my clients. I was really looking for a program where I would learn more about somatic healing related to gray area drinkers and I got more than I could have asked for. I am so much more knowledgeable and feel extremely equipped to share the information I have learned with my clients and to put it into practice.

SAMANTHA SEBASTIAN | Coach and Speech & Language Pathologist, New York

Jolene is always excited to share information with the cohort, has a wealth of knowledge in the Gray Area Drinker area, and keeps up with current research. Throughout the entire training, she was very involved and offered a lot of support to all of the trainees in the cohort. I always looked forward to the training sessions, feeling like each one was like unwrapping a gift on Christmas morning.

ALISON MOSIELLO | Health & Wellness Coach, Connecticut

I have tackled things I was no where near ready to access before this training and it has meant that both personally and professionally, I have made more progress than I could have imagined possible.

ELLIE CROWE | This Naked Mind Coach, United Kingdom

We saw first hand how trying out different modalities and asking ourselves “what we noticed?” was so helpful in building effective skills and resources for ourselves and our clients.

LESLIE SCHLINK | Coach, Australia

This training came well recommended. I’m glad I took a leap of faith and signed up.

LISA RYAN | Recovery Coach, Australia

My coaching services are now more specifically targeted to the area of gray area drinking whilst incorporating other newly acquired skills of NLP and conscious hypnosis.

CINDY JOHNSON | Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner, Australia

Before I ever finished the training I was signing up new clients and I have already made my money back and started making a profit working as a grey area drinking coach and I only finished the cohort two weeks ago! I am now confident and very sure that I have an offering for my clients that really works.

SARAH RUSBATCH | Health + Wellness Coach, Australia

Jolene’s training has given me extra tools that I hadn’t taken into consideration.

SARAH WILLIAMSON | Recovery Coach, United Kingdom

This training increased my confidence in my abilities and added valuable tools to my practice. Jolene is warm and able to answer any question.

DEBI DAWSON | Therapist, United Kingdom

The value of pausing, using embodiment practices and diversification/ individualization for clients based on their needs has impacted my coaching in a very positive way.

JOY HERBST | Nurse Practitioner, Connecticut

Learning the scientific support, tips and techniques has given me the skills I feel will give my clients a greater chances of actualizing their desires. I’m also able to practice and embody what I have learnt in order to walk the talk and attract the clients I am most suited to serve.

JOJO BAILEY | Coach, United Kingdom

The hands-on approach to learning that Jolene provides is engaging and helped me to integrate the knowledge much faster.

NIKITA MEHTA | Speech Therapist, California

This training has provided me with tools of knowledge about the craving brain, tendencies of gray area drinkers and about coaching others who want to give up alcohol too.

PAMELA PRICE | This Naked Mind Coach, Ohio

Jolene knows how to package information into manageable bites.

PATTY HALING | Nurse Practitioner, Virginia

This training has catapulted me to a whole new level with my coaching business.

DAVE WILSON | Life Coach, United Kingdom

It was great to have real life case studies of actual clients to discuss as part of the training.

JANEY LEE GRACE | Health Coach, United Kingdom

I truly believe it has already taken my coaching to the next level. Learning all I did about the neuroscience and going back to the basics of food, sleep, hydration, etc has been a complete game changer in terms of how I am coaching and helping co-pilot for my clients. I LOVE resources and believe a solid toolbox is the difference between staying sober and a case of the “eff-its”, so being able to add to my resource toolbox has been invaluable as well.

NATALIE FAIRBROOK | This Naked Mind Coach, California

The resources combined with practice, as well as Jolene’s expertise and accessibility during the course, prepared me to engage with my clients with confidence.

MEGAN ROGERS | Therapist, Colorado

My confidence in working with gray area drinkers in recovery is high as a result of this training. Jolene is an outstanding professional and role model. Her teaching style is accessible and her content is excellent and well-organized.

ANDREA BELL | Nutrition Coach, California

Jolene modeled how to coach throughout the entire training and shared everything she had with us. She walked the talk and, in turn, I can do the same because of her guidance and training.

TAMMI SALAS | Creativity Coach, California

I learned how to create a concrete offer for clients, structure my calls and write engaging copy. I learned practical and useful exercises which I can use with clients.

MANDY MANNERS | Recovery Coach, France

Despite the fact that I am a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor I learned so much more from Jolene. I feel more capable and skilled at helping gray area drinkers. I now have new assessments as well as a variety of tools and action steps that will greatly help my clients!

DAWN HALE | Certified Drug + Alcohol Counselor, New Jersey

In all of my thousands of hours of training as a social worker, I have never received as much concrete, practical and immediately useable information in any training before.

LISA WHITNEY | Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Connecticut

The information gained from this course was – by far – much more useful and relevant than any other course I’ve taken to support my coaching.

ANDREA MARIE SHAW | Recovery Coach, Maryland

This was the program that provided me with the missing piece and confidence that I needed to launch my business.

MELINDA STAEHLING | Nutritionist + Personal Trainer, Oregon

Since taking this training I’ve increased my prices and I already signed two clients at this new price point comfortably.

BRANDI BABB | Certified Professional Coach, California

I really love how Jolene brings a combination of many modalities into the training, along with a ton of education with regard to physiology and psychology.

ARA GREENFIELD | Health Educator + Doula, Oregon

The training gave me the push I needed to start coaching!

MIA MANCUSO | Registered Nurse, California

Jolene is a very personable, knowledgeable, experienced teacher & coach.

JAMES SHOVLIN | Pharmacist, New York

I really think the somatic ‘body first’ element is a piece of the pie that is super important. This really tied together a lot of my past training and reading.

SAM GOLDFINCH | This Naked Mind Coach, United Kingdom

This training has closed the loop by offering me a more scientific perspective on how to work with gray area drinkers. I had a strong skill set based on intuition and personal experience, but needed and wanted the technical understanding and application to bring to the table.

AMANDA KUDA | Holistic Life Coach, Texas

A lot of times, trainings can be great on the theoretic level, but it’s not often I leave feeling truly armed with so many tools I can use right away.

CARRIE KATZ | Therapist, California

I felt it was packed with useful information that was digestible, and that the homework and the practice sessions really synthesized what we were learning. It is truly an amazing program, and information everyone should know, especially if they work in the healing arts or healthcare.

ANA PRICE-ECKLES | Herbalist, New York

I really enjoyed furthering my knowledge around the nervous system and the importance of working with the mind and supporting the body when people are going alcohol-free. I like, that Jolene is straightforward, honest and practices good boundaries. I like that she’s well researched and likes a bit of the woo too.

EMMA GILMOUR | Coach + Counselor, Australia

She is trustworthy and an open book on her process and that is a breath of fresh air in a training. As a result of this training I have gained confidence and more validation that being myself is the key in coaching and life; exactly what I want my clients to know!

HEIDI OBERST | Air Force Paramedic + Recovery Coach, Washington

The way Jolene structures the training is superb. I’ve done a lot of online courses and often find my motivation waning after a few weeks. With Jolene’s training, I was fully engaged, motivated and committed right to the end, I didn’t want the training to end! She’s come up with the perfect adult learning model, mixing live trainings, group discussions, partner work, case studies and so much more. I love the structure of this training so much I’m replicating it in my next group coaching program!

JEN CLEMENTS | Coach, South Africa

I also really liked the examples throughout of coaching calls, like which tech platforms and marketing systems to use, the extensive resources, and basically all the things you need to thrive in coaching. The thing I liked most was that Jolene walks the talk. She is strongly boundaried but still approachable and relatable, she leads by example, and of course she’s extremely knowledgeable across all the determinants of health that impact gaining and maintaining sobriety. I also liked a number of her techniques demonstrated in the coaching call examples.

FAYE LAWRENCE | Founder of Unintoxicated, Australia

This training has bridged an important gap between my mindset coaching skills and coaching for reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption. I have a more comprehensive toolkit to effectively coach people in this space. This has added enormous value to my previous coaching training and in turn to my clients. The live practice sessions were extremely useful in putting the theory into action and the small group setting allowed for a supportive and nurturing learning experience.

SARAH CONNELLY | Mindset Coach, Australia
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