Jolene Park


Jolene Park is a functional nutritionist specializing in Gray Area Drinking.

Almost 5 years alcohol-free, Jolene has studied the functional impact of food, emotions, environments, and movement in relationship to our physical bodies coining the term Gray Area Drinking in her TEDx Talk that you can watch here.

She founded Healthy Discoveries®  in 2001 and created Craving Brain coaching for individuals, the Nourish Online Membership Community for Former Gray Area Drinkers and a training program for coaches and healthcare practitioners who would like to specialize in their Recovery Coaching.

I’m passionate about contributing to a new model of living for women


“I’m passionate about contributing to a new model of thinking for women. I think we’ve forgotten, and haven’t had good models or training on how to live as vibrant, powerful females. There is so much ancient, innate wisdom that is lost and forgotten yet women are hungry and parched for it. I want to remember this and leave a contribution by helping other women remember and discover this too.

I’m also passionate about training and developing and contributing to a new way that healthcare providers work with women and their nervous system. The current training falls short and has done a disservice to women. I want to be part of the legacy that changes that.”  

– Jolene Park


Jolene Park is a functional nutritionist, health coach and TEDx speaker. Since founding her consulting company, Healthy Discoveries® in 2001 and she has worked as a corporate wellness consultant, speaker and workshop facilitator.

Jolene coaches high achieving professionals who want to eliminate alcohol and sugar cravings and reduce their anxiety by using real food, high-quality nutrients and cutting-edge mind/body techniques.

In her TEDx talk about “Gray Area Drinking” she shares her personal alcohol and anxiety story and explains the importance of replenishing our neurotransmitters and nourishing our nervous systems in a comprehensive and consistent way.

Following the great impact of her TEDx talk and private coaching, Jolene founded This online hub is a place for gray area drinkers to get support, for former gray area drinkers to unite and for coaches to learn Jolene’s exclusive techniques


 INFP. I’m a night owl. I like a little (okay a lot) of woo. 

Yes, I’ve heard the Dolly Parton song, no, I wasn’t named after it. 😉 

Oceans over mountains any day. 

I live in Colorado but adore London, it feels like home.

I love drinking mocktails (as pictured)


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