Drinking is often intertwined with our closest relationships. So much so that we may continue drinking, even though a voice inside is wishing to stop, so that we don’t disrupt the status quo. How do we remove drinking from these relationships and what can we gain in the process?

Aidan has been married for 14 years and met her husband at a bar. Their relationship began soaked in alcohol. When she quit drinking she credits her husband’s support as making a huge difference in their progress. Now they enjoy a relationship that she says is much more peaceful and they have gained depth in conversations and talk about bigger and more interesting things now that drinking it out of the mix. Maybe there is less to worry about and more to look forward to when we finally untangle our relationships from alcohol.

Jolene discusses how alcohol has affected her dating relationships and how she finally realized that alcohol was blocking the type of relationship she truly wanted. Before she went alcohol-free, dating often revolved around drinking. So, when she stopped drinking at 43, she stopped dating too and was faced with the raw emotion of anger of not having the married life she had imagined. As she opened back up to the dating world she found that some people backed away from her because she didn’t drink, yet the right person stepped closer. She is now in a relationship that is built on combined interests and one in which alcohol isn’t a part of their connection.




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