You don’t have a problem with alcohol!

You are definitely not an “alcoholic” and your drinking is not that bad.

These are things gray area drinkers often hear from others.

As a society, we measure “problem drinking” against an ambiguous bar (no pun intended) that always moves and no one can define, let alone agree upon.

I don’t think justifying, defending, explaining our decision to not drink is what changes things. We all know why alcohol isn’t good for us —physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally, financially, etc. What changes things is questioning why we’re doing what we’re doing and beginning to get curious about what we’re really craving? Plus doing some of the deep, often hard work to feel discomfort even when it’s uncomfortable to do so.

This movement is growing every day. The visibility is gaining and the perception is changing. Keep using your voice. Speak out. Let others know what you know about gray area drinking. I believe this is a monumental, pivotal time – it’s time we change how we glamorize and think about alcohol!

For more on this topic: Listen to Episode 23. Memes + Marketing on the “Editing Our Drinking and Our Lives” Podcast with Aidan Donnelley Rowley and Jolene Park.


Resources For Gray Area Drinkers:

Support your Craving Brain through 1:1 coaching, or my 30-day Sober Choice program or my NOURISH membership for former gray area drinkers.


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