Drinking Amnesia: I Drank For The Effect

Let’s be honest, the effect was good, for the first 20-minutes into the first glass of wine. But the second glass (plus more) never delivered the same effect as the first glass. Ever! The effect never lasted, but I’d order or pour more because once that first glass of...

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You Can Make A Different Choice At Anytime!

"Historically this topic has been discussed in black and white terms. Either you're absolutely fine with alcohol or you have this horrific problem that requires some kind of intervention. But my experience and something a lot of women are experiencing is this vast...

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No Rock Bottom Required

The last day I drank was uneventful and insignificant to my overall drinking story. Nothing bad or out of the ordinary happened that day that forced me quit. I simply chose to quit. Clients tell me all the time - “I function really well.” They say, “My spouse,...

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There Will Never Be A Good Time To Stop Drinking

There will always be something — in the winter there will be holiday parties, family gatherings, New Year’s Eve celebrations. In the summer there will be pool and beach parties, backyard BBQ’s and school will be out so “your routine will be off.” In the spring there...

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The Day I Knew I Was Done Drinking Forever

When I made the decision to stop for good. I knew I was done forever. I knew I was done because I had so many stops and starts prior to that. I knew that no matter what happened in the future (good or bad) alcohol was no longer an option and I haven't had a drink...

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Here’s What I Know To Be True

1. There are really cool people (celebrities, people I meet every day) who don't drink. 2. Most people don't care or notice whether you drink alcohol or not. Don't assume the worst before going into an interaction or an event. Some people will surprise you, others may...

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Can You Stay With Yourself Here?

This is what one of my favorite yoga teachers and somatic coaches says to me often. "Can you stay with yourself here?" - Jay Fields. Notice what you feel - anxiety, sadness, anger, pain, hurt, excitement, joy, pleasure, whatever...Can you stay present and not...

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My Gray Area Drinking Manifesto

There's a collective drinking and anxiety story that is happening all around us. I call it gray area drinking and I used to be a gray area drinker. I wasn't an end stage, lose everything kind of drinker, I also wasn't an every now and again drinker who would have a...

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One Simple Tool That Helped Me Stop Drinking

Have you heard the Jerry Seinfeld story about not breaking the chain? Someone once asked him how he got to be such a good comedian and he said, "I sit down and write jokes every day. Some days I don't feel funny, I have writer's block, I'm tired, or I have other...

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